The Mana Cooler Episode 139 - We've been duped

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In this deep digging episode of The Mana Cooler, I barely scratch the surface of Auction House duping,


Links talked about on the show:


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  • 5/6/2012 2:23 PM Arg wrote:
    I've heard rumors of queen's garnet duping since January, and there were threads on the official forums about it then. Since around that time, every 1 to 3 weeks, level 1 toons would show up on our server with 300-600 queen's garnets to sell fast, generally around half the typical market price. (In January, when they were around 10k on my server, they'd sell for 5k. Now that they're often around 1k, they sell for 400g-500g). The sellers are around for less than half an hour. A couple times they'd seem to go afk without selling them, and another level 1 would appear a short while later welling what the previous seller was trying to sell.

    It's not clear whether the gems are duped, or originated through raids on other servers, but either way it seems to be a way for gold sellers go generate a lot of gold on a particular server in very little time, getting around the gold server-transfer limit. If they have lots of hacked accounts, they can aggregate queen's garnets on key hub servers, then use a stolen credit card to buy a server transfer where they need to fill a gold order, bring 500 gems, make the gold fast and deliver it to their customer. That's a theory anyway.

    I don't see how anyone gathers that many queen's garnets through completely legit means on a regular basis, even on a high pop server, in any way that could make economic sense.

    The undermine alerts you're seeing sound like they're just one-off cases of individuals underpricing the gem they just got. I see that fairly regularly on my server with the different epic gems...they're just people not familiar with how to maximize AH income.

    Love your podcast btw, I enjoy polished podcasts like Convert To Raid, but there's something appealing about a podcast so casual you hear your turn signal clicking or your brother's dog lapping water in the background.
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