TMC 162 - Slow Down

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In this egotistical episode of The Mana Cooler, I talk about the things that slow down my leveling. Slow DownI talk more on the Black Market AH and hope for some tweaks. Also a little bit of Pet Battles is discussed.

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  • 11/3/2012 7:15 PM Arg wrote:
    I'm in a similar boat: I like mounts, have the gold, and watch the BMAH. On my mid-population server, I'm guessing there are around a half dozen people with the interest and means to check regularly and bid high on these mounts. Right now they shoot up over 100k, but after the BMAH has been out for a year or two, more of these bidders will already have the mounts, and the top bids should drop. I'll be more interested at 50-75k than at 100k. I think it's better to wait for now.
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