5 DIY Bedroom Design Ideas

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

You can decorate your own bedroom by following these 5 calming effects. DIY bedroom design ideas include paint colors, fabric, lighting, soft textures and privacy. Your bedroom is your own oasis. It is a special place where you can do different things with privacy. I am giving you 5 tips in how to decorate bedrooms even with small spaces. Kids, teenagers even for men or romantic couples, you will always find that these tips work anytime.

Choose Paint Colors That Are Favorite – What colors do you like the most? Red compliments green, blue compliments orange, yellow compliments purple and many others. You can learn some more on the net about available paint colors. Pour your personal taste in colors but keep always to create a complimentary value.

One Fabric Everywhere – It is always recommended in choosing a fabric that simply creates matching decor with paint colors. Drapes are always best in complimenting bedding as well as upholstered chair. If you already have too much fabric, make the main one as basic decorating.

Lighting Fixtures – Candles and mood lighting create warm and calming effect. Task lamp lighting creates a glowing and relaxing illumination. Floor cans with candles that upwardly project light from the floor, picture lights and wall sconces are proven working in giving the purpose.

Soft Textures – Calming and soothing bedroom design can be achieved with soft and cozy fabric. Most recommended materials are cottons, silks and suedes. In order to add visual interest and comfort, a lot of pillows will be great.

Privacy Value – Window treatments are playing roles in this. As mentioned above, it is recommended to play with colors and use only one fabric everywhere including drapery.

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Elegant 2015 bedroom designs can be achieved by following these simple tips. Modern Master bedrooms or classic Moroccan bedrooms, they are all using these basic decorating styles. You can do it yourself! Happy Decorating!

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