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How to DIY Feng Shui Small Entryway Ideas

Small entryway ideas with Feng Shui decorating can be achieved with DIY project. All Feng Shui elements are pourable for a harmonious decor. There are a few things to consider when decorating spaces with Feng Shui. They are stairways, front door, lighting, flooring, mirrors, artwork and clutter. In order to be more detailed, check these out!

IKEA Small Entryway Ideas

Stairways – They are regarded as home entrance in Feng Shui belief. Stairways related to money? Hmm I do not think so but if you are a believer, then why not?

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Front Door – A solid one represents it with simple reason. It has greater safety sense for occupants in the home.

Lighting – Proper quality of lighting especially at nighttime is always important to any home including ones with Feng Shui themes. Comfort and safety are senses that provided by lighting. Entryway windows or transom windows are high enough so that safe from intruders. They also bring lights inside of entryway at the same time.

Flooring – Vertical wood planking flooring does awesome in featuring real Feng Shui element decorating. Others as alternative like diagonal or horizontal can be applied. An area rug can be added to help in mitigating effect of bowling alley.

Mirrors – They are useful decorations that bring lights and create wider impression. It is not recommended to directly place mirrors on walls across from the door. This will give an uneasy feeling each time entering home.

Artwork – Decorating ideas for small entryway should be attractive with positive images. Landscape painting adds interest deeply to small spaces. There are others that applicable such as light colored decals.

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Clutter – In how to create neat, clean and an organization in small entryway, storage furniture designs are important to add. Console table, bench, coat rack and cabinets are optional based on layout and colors.

In conclusion, there are a few things to take into account when it comes to decorating entryway with Feng Shui. Safety, comfort, relaxation, beauty and organization are all staged. IKEA ideas for small entryway combined with Feng Shui are extraordinary. Get some more at Pinterest to learn specifically.

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