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How to Waterproofing Basement Solutions

Do it yourself waterproofing basement can be done by following these solutions. Learn them to make sure about best quality for better basement walls. Both interior and exterior of basement should be protected from water seeping. Water seeping causes damp inside of basement which eventually leads structural damage. Are you interested in applying DIY basement wall waterproofing? Check these solutions out!

Waterproofing Basement External Drainage System

The foundation can be coated. This is one good solution so that moisture can be reduced. Although not permanent, reapplying coating can be done again and again. In order to be more durable in coating, exterior wall sealing is recommended. Water sealer can complete the waterproofing solution.

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Image of: Waterproofing Basement External Drainage System

Downspouts and gutters can be installed so that water directed away from the house. Be sure in the installation of the downspouts and gutters so that water flows to the drainage system in the external basement. If you already have them, be sure in checking for any damage regularly and cleaning to avoid clogging.

External drainage system with boards and drainage pipes can be installed so that water directed away from the basement walls. This is going to be a little bit expensive but worth the value.

Correcting ground slopes is another solution to do around the wall. Be sure in making the slope around 10 degrees. It should be located at least 5 ft from the wall exterior. Pooling water can be reduced with this system to avoid in getting into your basement walls.

Any crack and other damages can be fixed by conducting structural repair. Be sure in keeping them free of any damages when it comes to waterproofing basement. Any crack or holes can be filled using mortar before doing the waterproofing.

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DIY basement waterproofing is easy actually once you have known what to do. In order to get to know about the cost, measure all things you need in the waterproofing systems.

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