Among the available basement flooring options, we are showing you the right one with ideas. Best flooring options for wet basements are told for you. Everyone knows that concrete floor is tough but that is not enough. There are a few ways in how to install new flooring over concrete in wet basements. Practical and […]

Basement bedroom ideas have been a variety in how to increase overall home value in recent years. You can make excellent bedroom just on a budget. Just let your creativity to flow and be careful in the planning. IKEA small basement bedrooms are cheap but worthy ideas to take into account. New wall spaces have […]

Even dummies can be themselves in how to finish a basement with easy steps. Waterproofing on the walls, floors and ceilings is most important thing. I am giving you a few tips in 5 that you can follow to make better value of basement. Just like I said that waterproofing is an important thing and […]

Converting basement into game room is all family members can enjoy. Basement game room ideas can make dreary atmosphere better with enjoyable atmosphere. A few creative things are pourable in how to create better basement room spaces. Installing the proper lighting is a must have with fun game tables and storage ideas. Best lights are […]